The grill is made from non-rusting and non-magnetic stainless steel. After initial usage, areas of the grill may discolor from the intense heat given off by the burners, this is normal. There are many different stainless steel cleaners available. Always use the mildest cleaning procedure first, scrubbing in the direction of the grain. To touch up noticeable scratches in the stainless steel, sand very lightly with wet 100 grit emery paper in direction of the grain. Specks of grease can gather on the surfaces of the stainless steel and bake on to the surface and give the appearance of rust. For removal use an abrasive pad (Scotch Brite is good) in conjunction with a stainless steel cleaner. Always rub in the direction of the grain.

Stainless steel tends to corrode in presence of chlorides and sulfides especially in coastal areas. To ensure corrosion prevention, wash all stainless steel surfaces every 3-4 weeks with fresh water and stainless cleaner. Keep grill covered when not in use.

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