Fixing the Fridge: Cooling Issue


The most common problem people encounter with their fridge has to do with cooling. Before you toss your fridge because it does not cool your milk, try these troubleshooting tips.

Check the Water Supply

Like a car, a refrigerator needs water to run efficiently. Low water can indicate a leak. Check the inlet valve and tighten the nuts. If the issue persists then you may need to change the tubes.

Level the Fridge

The fridge needs to drain excess water into the pan underneath the fridge. If it is unleveled then the water will spill out of the pan causing puddles in your kitchen.

Clear the Drain Tube

The drain tube can become clogged and not allow the freezer to drain. Remove the cover panel and melt ice buildup with a hair dryer and clean up the melted water. Blow air through the tube to check if it has cleared.

If you need any replacement parts to fix your fridge then look to Let’s Talk Parts.

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